How can I hide part of a title on a recorded disc?


  1. Playback the title you want to edit
  2. Press EDIT on the remote control. The edit title menu appears.
  3. Select CHAPTER MARKER and press OK. The chapter marker menu appears.
  4. Select INSERT MARKER.
  5. At the starting point of the part you want to hide press OK. A new chapter is created. Note the name of this chapter, for example 03/04.

    Note: navigate through the title with the fast forward and fast backward buttons on the remote control.
  6. At the end point of the part you want to hide press OK. A new chapter is created, in this example 04/05. The former chapter is the part of the title you want to hide.
  7. Select CHAPTER and press OK.
  8. Key in the name of the chapter (in this case 03/05) you want to hide with the numerical buttons and press OK.
  9. Select HIDE CHAPTER and press OK. The part you want to hide is now hidden. ‘Hide chapter’ changes to ‘unhide chapter’. 


  • In EDIT mode the hidden chapter plays back. In PLAYBACK mode the chapter is hidden.
  • You can only edit a DVD +R or –R when it is not yet finalised.

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