Why does my set go to standby automatically?


Please note that this set has an auto-standby feature which will switch the set to stand-by mode once you pause/stop playback for about 10-15mins.

You can perform the auto-resume function to resume from the point you stopped/paused playback by following the below instructions:

  1. If your set goes to auto-standby and you want to resume from the same disc, you can just turn the set back on. The set is able to resume playback of the last 5 discs, even if the disc was ejected (open) or the set was switched to standby mode.


    • If you want to play from the beginning, press [PREV] on the remote control when the message appears on the TV screen.
    • Auto resume is active for DVD,VCD,SVCD and CD types of discs.
    • USB playback DOES NOT support this auto-resume function, so please ensure that stopping/pausing USB playback does not extend for more than 10mins.

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