How do I use the Time Shift Buffer?


The Time Shift Buffer offers you an easy way to:

  1. Record the program that you are watching.
  2. Record a specific section of TV programmes (only possible for the TV programmes that are already in the Time Shift Buffer)

1) Record what's on now

Step 1 - Press the [Live TV] button on your recorder´s remote control to access Live TV

Step 2 - Press the [REC] key on your recorder´s remote control to start recording. The recording may be as long as six hours and will start at the current position.

Step 3 - Because your recorder is the device that receives the incoming signal, you can turn off your TV and leave the recorder in standby.
The recorder will continue to record and stop at the designated end time.


  • Press the [REC] button repeatedly to set the length of the recording.  You can change the end time with 30-minute increments, up to a maximum of six hours.
  • Press the [STOP] button if you wish to stop the recording before the scheduled time.

2) Record a specific section from the Time Shift Buffer

Step 1 - If your DVD-recorder has the GUIDEPlus+ function, you can use the buttons to jump to the start/end of recordings in the Time Shift Buffer. On other recorders you can jump to a specific location with the << (REW) or >> (FFW) buttons or the Time Search option in the OPTIONS menu.

Step 2 - When you reach the beginning of the scene that you wish to record, press [REC] on the remote control.

Step 3 - Press the  button to search for the point where you want to end the recording and press [STOP] on the remote control.

You will now see a red marking on the Time Shift Buffer´s video bar, which indicates the length of the scene to be recorded.



To cancel the recording, press the Red button { Cancel Rec } on your recorder´s remote control.


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