How do I reset my player if it freezes or hangs up?


Try doing a soft reset.

  1. Insert a small pin or unfolded paperclip into the reset hole located at the back of the player.
  2. Hold until the player shuts down.
  3. Power on the player again by using the Power on/off key.
    Note: Your songs and data will not be lost or corrupted by a soft reset.

If soft reset does not work, then you may have to use the Device Manager to recover your player:

  1. If you have not already installed the Device Manager, follow the on screen instructions to install the Device Manager from the installation CD or download the latest version of the Device Manager application from
  2. Make sure all other applications such as Philips Plug-in, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer that access the device are closed or else Device Manager will not recognize the device. Launch the Philips Device Manager at Start->Programs->Philips Digital Audio Player->SA60xx->Philips 60xx Device Manager->Philips Device Manager on your PC.
  3. Select the REPAIR tab on the dialogue box, press and hold the PLAY button while connecting the player to the PC. Keep pressing the button until you are prompted to release it and then click Repair to start repairing.
    IMPORTANT: All music & content of your device will be erased once the Player is repaired.  
  4. Follow all on screen instructions to complete the repair.  
  5. Once the repair is complete a dialogue box will pop up; click OK and unplug the Player from the computer.  
  6. The Device Manager will close automatically once the success message is displayed. Close all opened application and then unplug your device.

Once the Player is disconnected from the computer, the player will shutdown automatically.

Tip: Update your player’s firmware to the latest version to reduce the chance of future hang-ups. See "How do I update my player with the latest firmware?" for instructions.

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