How can I make the chapter mark on the display to disappear?


The player was designed to have this feature in showing this chapter mark to remind users of what chapter on the disc that they are currently playing on display. If you do not like this feature and the serial number of your player is you may update the firmware of your player by following the instructions below.

upgrading the set with new SW (ver 070904) for PET1030/00 & PET1030/05. SW(ver 070911) for PET1030/37

SW Upgrade Procedure

  1. Download the firmware files below attachment
    For PET1030/00 & PET1030/05, download the zip file
    For PET1030/37, download the zip file
  2. Unzip the file and then burn this "PHILIPS.BIN" file into a CD-ROM using the following setting:
    - File System CD-ROM ISO Level 2
    - Mode 1/2/XA
    - Character set ISO 9660
    - Finalized, single session
    - Write speed slow (e.g. 2x, 4x)
  3. CD-ROM disc name must be "PHILIPS" (otherwise it will not be recognized as a disc for upgrade)
  4. Power on the portable DVD player with AC/DC adaptor
  5. Play the CD-ROM for upgrade. The player will automatically upgrade after pressing "OK" by remote control
    (Warning: Do not unplug the AC/DC adaptor during SW upgrade to prevent flash corrupt of the player!)
  6. Once upgrade is completed, the player will restart automatically and you will observe PHILIPS LOGO on the screen
  7. Then it is safe to remove the disc from the player.


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