How to make my PC desktop fit properly on my Flat-TV?


When your PC is hooked up to your Flat-TV, you might notice that a part of your desktop is cut off, or that some icons or text is not visible.This is because of overscan.

What is overscan and why is it used?

  • Non-flat TV’s (CRT’s) will increase the size (blow up) the picture has the brightness or picture content changes. Due to this phenomena, a part of the picture could be seen or not be seen by the customer.
    In order to make the entire picture visible, the broadcaster adds an overscan. This is a part of the video information which is normally not displayed, but can become visible when low brightness is present. With overscan there is no relevant information (e.g. subtitles), but some visible disturbances may occur.
    In flat-TV, the picture is not blown up, but due to broadcasting the overscan is still present, and a part of it is hidden. Your flat-TV compensates for the overscan.

What is the best setting when you connect your PC to a Flat-TV?

You can eliminate the overscan to make use of the predefined PC setting in your TV.

    • Follow the procedure as described below:
  1. Press the 'menu' button on the Remote Control
  2. Select 'INSTALLATION'
  3. Select 'CONNECTIONS'
  4. Select HDMI 1, 2 or 3 depending on the input to which you have connected your PC
  5. Select 'PC'



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