How can I record content onto the hard disk of Music Center?


Recording is permitted only if there is no infringement of copyrights or any other third-party rights.

Record from CD

  1. Insert a CD with the printed side facing you.
    • For an MP3/WMA CD, press on a highlighted file folder to enter the track list.
  2. In the track list screen, press Record (or REC on the remote control).
  3. Press Mark/Unmark to select/deselect tracks.
    • Hold Mark/Unmark to select/deselect all tracks.
  4. Press Record (or REC on the remote control) to start ripping.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to record another CD on the hard disk of Music Center.
  • A default album name such as Album_001 is assigned if the CD track information cannot be found in the Gracenote® database.
  • To stop ripping, press Stop.

Record from the radio or an external device

You can record up to 3 hours of content from the radio or an external source.

  1. Select the source to start recording.
    • In Radio mode, tune in to the desired radio station.
    • In Aux mode, start playback from the external source.
  2. Press Record to start recording.
  3. Press Stop to stop recording.

The recording will be saved as a file under Radio or Aux in Albums.

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