How does the call waiting feature work? How do I answer a second call?


You have to subscribe to this service with your service provider.

If a second call comes in while you are on the phone, the handset will sound a short beep periodically to notify you. You have two options for answering the second call:


You can answer the second call without ending the current call by pressing the "R" and "2" keys consecutively. The first call will be put on hold. Press the "R" and "2" keys repeatedly to toggle between the two calls.


Press the "R" and "1" keys consecutively to take the second call and hang up the current call.


If you have subscribed to the ´call waiting´ function but it does not work as described above, then you may need to change the setting for the Recall Time/Flash time. We do not recommend changing this setting as it is adapted to your country by default. Please refer to the user guide for detailed instructions on changing the Recall/Flash time.

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