Why is the TV not able to recognize my USB device?


Follow the steps below to check if your USB device is supported.

  1. Switch off your TV.
  2. Insert your USB device into the USB connector on the side of the TV.
  3. Switch on your TV.
  4. Press the 'MENU' button on the remote control to display the main menu.
  5. The brand of your USB device will be shown on the MULTIMEDIA row if the TV recognizes it.

  6. If the brand name is shown, move the cursor down to select the USB device in the MULTIMEDIA row.
  7. Press the 'OK' button to display the PICTURE and MUSIC folders.

  8. In order to view the media files that are stored on the USB device, select the folder of your choice and press the 'OK' button or move the cursor right to view the contents.

NOTE: The behavior of the TV is such that if you select either the PICTURE or MUSIC folder in the TV menu, only files in the relevant format will be displayed. If you have selected the PICTURE menu for example, you will not see any music files that are stored on your USB device, only the folders that contain them.

Your TV supports playback of files in JPEG and MP3 format exclusively.

Only memory cards in FAT/DOS format are supported.

NOTE: Philips cannot be held responsible if your device is not supported.

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