How do I connect my DVD Player to my Home Stereo using L-R Audio connections?


  1. Connect the Audio Outputs (L/R: Red and White Cables) on the DVD Player to the Audio Inputs (L/R) on your Audio receiver or Home Theater System.
  2. After it is hooked up, you will need to select the stereo’s input source that corresponds to the jacks connecting the player to the stereo. 

Hint: If your Home Theater or stereo has Digital audio input jacks we recommend you utilize the digital output jack on the DVD Player in place of L/R Audio. It will allow you to take advantage of Dolby Digital (AC-3), PCM audio (including PCM from CDs), DTS, and MLP audio (from DVD-Audio discs).

Connecting external audio equipment with 2 Channel Analog Stereo (Example Only)

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