Can I receive a SKYPE call while I am already calling over the Landline?


Yes, with the VOIP841 it’s possible to receive a SKYPE call while you are already calling over the landline.

In case you have one handset;
If you receive  an incoming SKYPE call  during a landline call, you will hear a call waiting tone and the handset display will show any Caller ID information for the SKYPE call.

Press “Answer” to answer the incoming SKYPE call, which automatically ends the landline call.

If there is more than one handset registered to the same base;
When incoming call is received from the SKYPE line while landline is being used by one handset, the other handsets in standby mode will ring the incoming SKYPE call normally. If you receive an incoming SKYPE call while you are calling over the landline, the handsets that are in standby mode ring and their displays show any Caller ID information. You can ¨Answer¨ or ¨Reject¨ the incoming SKYPE call on any of the available handsets by pressing the corresponding softkeys.

If you do not answer the incoming SKYPE call , the call will be registered as a missed call in the "Call History" menu.


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