What can be the reason that my player does not switch on or cannot be charged?


The list below contains the most common causes for this behaviour. Verify if one of the descriptions applies and act accordingly.

  • The battery of your player may be empty.
    - Recharge the player by connecting it to your computer using the USB cable provided.
  • You may not hold the Power On/Off button long enough.
    - Press and hold the Power On/Off button until the display turns on. 
  • Reset the player
    - Gently insert a small pin into the reset hole until  the player shuts down and restart your player.
  • Use the Repair function
    (To download the Device Manager, you can visit the Software & drivers section of the product´s support page)

    Connect your player to your PC and then start the Device Manager.

    Click the Repair tab in the Device Manager and press and hold the recovery key (as shown in 
    Table 1 underneath) on your player to activate the repair utility. 

    Table 1. Recovery key

    NOTE: All files that you stored on the player will be deleted if you use the repair utility.

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