How do I set the Alarm?


Make sure you have set the clock time before you set the alarm.

  1. In standby mode, press and hold TIMER more than 2 seconds on the remote control.
  2. Press SOURCE (or CD/USB/FM on the remote control) to select sound source.
    • DISC - Load a disc.
    • TUNER - Tune to your desired radio station.
    • USB - connect a compatible USB device.
  3. Press TIMER to confirm your desired mode.
  4. Press TUNING / (or / on the remote control) to set the hours.
  5. Press / on the set (or ALBUM/PRESET +/- on the remote control) to set the minutes.
  6. Press TIMER to confirm.

In standby or during playback, you can press TIMER ON/OFF once or more to activate / deactivate the alarm. The icon appears when the alarm function is activated.


  • Timer is not available in AUX mode.
  • If CD or USB source is selected and no disc is in the CD tray or no compatible USB device is connected with the device, FM will be selected automatically.

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