How can I Install my WAC700 on a computer with Windows Vista?


To install the device, you need the file “Wac_installer.exe”. It is provided in the installation CD. The content of the installation CD, including this file, is also available in the Philips Support website.

Before you start make sure that,

  • The music center is restored to the factory settings; and
  • All active firewalls are disabled on the computer, including virus scanners.
  1. Run WAC_Installer.exe by double clicking on the icon. You can find this icon in your install directory.
  2. Choose CUSTOM Install.
  3. Choose Change Network Settings.
  4. Choose Option 1, named ‘Music Center connects to standalone pc’.
    • It’s possible that a message, “Music center could not be found, pops up.” Just ignore this message and close the installer.
  5. Put the music center in standby or eco mode and then switch it on. The new settings will now take effect.
  6. Install Windows Audio Device Manager 1.7 (WADM 1.7) (fully compatible with Windows Vista) from the installation CD.

Now the WADM will find the Music Center.

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