How do I set my photoframe to automatically turn on and off?


Local time must be set correctly before setting up this feature (see time and date section in the setup menu.)

  1. Press the menu button to access the Main Menu.
  2. Navigate down to highlight the setup icon.
  3. Navigate right or press the OK button to access the setup menu.
  4. Navigate down to select the Auto On/Off function.
  5. Navigate right to select the weekday.
  6. Navigate right to select the Time period.
    There are 3 Time periods for morning, lunch and evening. Although a whole day can be used in 1 time slot.
    Each time period has 3 options (Set on, Auto On and Auto Off)
  7. Navigate right to select the menu. 
  8. Navigate right to select either set On or Off.
  9. Navigate down to go to Auto On.
  10. Navigate up and down to change the time. Navigate right to move between the hours and minutes.
  11. Press the OK button to confirm.
  12. Repeat to change Auto Off.

Press Play Slideshow to leave this menu and play the slideshow.
Note 1:
Digital PhotoFrame will automatically turn off its display exactly at the Auto-off time; if the time has already passed it will go into Auto-off status at the next set time.
Note: 2
If you want to turn ON the PhotoFrame during an auto OFF period, just press any key, the PhotoFrame will wake up until the next auto OFF period.

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