I can't enter my license key into Carry it Easy. How can I solve this?


When you use Carry it Easy™ software on a Windows Vista system as a standard user (without administrator rights), you may experience problems when purchasing the license key for Carry It Easy, or when the trial period expires.

Problem description
• At startup, Carry it Easy closes without warning.
• After registering Carry it Easy, an error window is displayed

Work around
Use Carry it Easy on a Windows Vista system with an administrator account.

This problem can be solved by using Carry it Easy™ version

To minimize the risk of data loss, decrypt all data and remove the password protection function on your external hard disk drive before updating the software. Always keep an additional backup of your data to be completely secure.

1. Download Carry it Easy™ version at
2. Copy the new file carryiteasy.exe to your external hard disk, overwriting the installed version.

When an error window appears,

enter the license key again:
• If you already have a license key, please reenter it in the Registration window
• If your application is still in the trial period, please refer to CoSoSys Customer Support at support& to receive a license key for a trial period continuation.

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