How do I download video clips from YOUTUBE to my player?


Download the new version of ArcSoft MediaConverter™ for Philips in the attachment. This new MediaConverter™ features a Stream Ripper that enables you to download videos from the Internet at the click of a button.

To enjoy the full benefits of this new feature and to avoid conversion error messages, install 'FLV codec' on your PC. (Tip: If you enter 'download FLV codec' in your Internet search engine, you can find websites that offer an FLV codec download.) You need to have codec installed in order to playback any FLV format video (YOUTUBE video format) on your PC.  

How the new feature works:

  1. Install the new ArcSoft MediaConverter™ for Philips on your PC by running the attached file.
  2. Install FLV codec on your PC.
  3. In your Internet browser, open the website from where you want to download the video.
  4. While playing the video on the website, move your mouse cursor over the video until you see the Stream Ripper icon in the top left-hand side corner, then click Download. When the video is downloaded the MediaConverter™ opens and shows the downloaded video.  
  5. In the MediaConverter™ window, click Start to start the conversion of the video.  

You can choose to download the video directly to your Philips player or to the local hard disk.


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