How do I mount the unit/speakers onto the wall?


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Mounting the main unit

Mounting the speakers

Note: Risk of personal injury and damage to the unit. Allow only qualified persons to mount the unit.






Mounting the main unit

  1. Ensure all the required cables are connected to the unit and close the rear cover.  
  2. Attach the big wall mount bracket to the table stand bracket with screws.

  3. Position the brackets on the wall, drill four screw holes and secure the brackets onto the wall with screws (not supplied).  

  4. Hook the DVD Home Theater unit firmly onto the mounted bracket.  

  5. Screw the supplied knob to the hole at the centre rear to secure the DVD Home Theater unit to the bracket.  

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Mounting the speakers

  1. Loosen the screws at the bottom of the speaker to remove the speaker stand.  

  2. Attach the small wall mount bracket to the speaker with screws.  

  3. Fix two screws (not supplied) to the wall, then hook the bracket onto the screws and lock the speaker into position.  

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