How can I delete one of the pre-loaded images (baby)?


Philips PhotoFrames 6FF3FPW, 7FF3FPx and 8FF3FPx have limited internal memory. They can save up to 4 photos.
The user can delete 3 photos and upload 3 personal photos. Currently 1 original Philips photo cannot be deleted (Philips brand with baby).

Philips will give users more flexibility to delete all pre-loaded images via firmware updates. Firmware is the PhotoFrame's internal software. This new firmware will be available from October 2008.

To get the firmware update:
(available from October 2008)

1) Go to

2) Search for your specific PhotoFrame (6FF3FPW, 7FF3FPx and 8FF3FPx)

3) Click on Software & Drivers (left-hand side)

4) Click on the Firmware file to download

5) Follow the supplied instructions on how to install the firmware

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