How do I copy songs from CDs to my player?


Use commercial software applications such as Rhapsody or Windows Media Player to rip songs on your music CD into MP3/WMA files and then copy the files into your player.
If you use Windows Media Player to rip the songs, please carry out the following procedure:

  1.  Insert your CD into the CD drive.
  2. On the File menu, point to CDs and Devices, point to Rip Audio CD, and then click the CD drive that contains the audio CD that you want to rip. The Rip feature is displayed and all tracks are selected to be ripped if you have not previously ripped them from the CD.
  3. If there are any tracks that you do not want to rip, clear the check box next to them.
  4. You can select the check box at the top of the list to clear or select the check boxes next to all tracks. Click the Rip Music button  .

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