Album covers are not displayed on my device. How can I resolve this issue?


Important: This device does not show album artwork in UPnP mode (i.e. music streamed from your PC). It will however show album artwork with music that is stored on the HDD.

To make use of artwork, we recommend that the files be limited to a maximum of 600 x 600 pixels and 100 KB.

The artwork is stored in two ways on your device:

1) When you rip a song to your device the system will automatically look on the Internet for the artwork at Gracenotes (please ensure your Internet connection is on during ripping).
Important: As the artwork is a copyrighted item (by the artist), it can only be seen on the local display and not streamed to any other device.

2) If songs with integrated artwork are uploaded to the unit (via WADM) the artwork will be seen locally on the unit and you will be able to stream it to NP2500/2900.

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