How can I use the Media Converter Software?


The Media Converter Software is used to transfer video or picture files into your player.

The Media Converter Software is bundled with the Device Manager software and you can get the bundled software from the supplied CD or the product supporting web site .

How to use the Media Converter Software?

Make sure you have installed this software in your PC.

  1. Connect the player to your PC with the supplied USB cable.
  2. Click on your PC Start --> Program --> Philips Digital Audio Player --> (Model number for example, SA31xx) --> Philips (model number SA31xx) Media Converter to run the Media Converter Software.
  3. Click the Add Files button in the interface of the converter software.
  4. Select your desired files from your PC. You need to select the file type before you can add them.
    • Select WMV(*.wmv) if you want to transfer video files with WMV format.
    • Select JPEG(*.jpg *.jpeg) if you want to transfer pictures with JPG format.
    • Select BMP(*.bmp) if you want to transfer pictures with BMP format.
  5. Click the Open button when you finish the file selection. all your selected files will appears in the task window in the interface of the Converter Software.
  6. Press the button to start conversion. 
  7. You will see the below picture (Example only) when the conversion is finished.
  8. Click the USB icon in the task tray to select Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device to avoid data missing when disconnecting the player from your PC.

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