How should I handle and store my discs?


Prevent scratches on both sides of discs. Scratches on the 'label side' of a disc can damage the data layer.
Handle discs by the outer edge and center hole only. Fingerprints and smudges on the disc surface can interfere with the laser's ability to read the data.
- Store discs in cases/sleeves when not in use to protect them from scratches and dust.

- Optical discs should not be exposed to extreme temperatures (hot or cold).
- Avoid exposing the disc to direct sunlight.

Use special disc markers or pens to write on discs. Other markers or pens might damage the surface.
- Applying labels to discs is not recommended, but labels expressly designed for recordable media can be used.
Label or barcode adhesive fails over time, causing the label to become detached. A partly detached label or barcode may cause the disc
to become jammed inside the drive.

Preventative or regular cleaning is not recommended for optical media discs, as the cleaning process may cause scratches on the substrate surface.
If cleaning is necessary, you are advised to use a soft, dry lint-free cloth. Holding the disc by the edges or by the center hole, wipe outward from the center hole to the outer edges of the disc. Wiping in a circular motion may cause scratches parallel to the pit track and will impede error correction.  
For stubborn fingerprints and dirt, wipe the disc with a soft lint-free cloth moistened with water or use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning discs.

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