How do I transfer photos from my PC to my Photo Frame?


To transfer photos from your PC to your Photo Frame you first need to transfer the photos to a memory card or a USB stick.
The Photo Frame itself (the internal memory) is not direct accessible from a PC.

Note: Before transferring photos to the Photo Frame make sure there's still space available, otherwise delete photos from the internal memory (PhotoFrame).

1) Transfer the photos to a memory card or USB stick.

Note: You can connect the Photo Frame to a PC to use the Photo Frame as card reader.

2) Insert the memory card or USB stick into the Photo Frame.

3) Turn on the Photo Frame and press 3 times the Mode button and select Photo, press the OK button to confirm.

4) Select the memory source you've inserted (USB, SD/MMC, ...), press the OK button to confirm.

5) Use the cursor keys to select a photo you want to copy to the Photo Frame.

6) Click on the Menu button to enter the Photo Menu for this photo.

7) Select the option Copy to, press the OK button to confirm.

8) Select PhotoFrame, press the OK button to confirm.

Now this photo will be copied to the Photo Frame, wait until progress bar disappears.

If you want to copy more photos to the Photo Frame, repeat steps 3 - 8.

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