How can I improve the picture quality of my TV?


  • HDMI - Highest quality 
    HDMI produces the best audiovisual quality possible. Both audio and video signals are combined in one HDMI cable, providing an
    uncompressed, digital interface between your TV and HDMI devices. You must use HDMI to experience full high-definition video.
  • Component (Y Pb Pr) - Higher quality
    Component (Y Pb Pr) video provides better picture quality than S-Video or composite video connections. Though component video
    supports high-definition signals, picture quality is lower than HDMI and is analogue.
    When connecting a component video cable, match the cable colours to the EXT 2 connectors on the back of the TV. Also, connect
    a Audio L/R cable to the red and white Audio L/R input connectors at EXT 2.
  • SCART - Good quality
    SCART combines audio and video signals in one cable. Audio signals are stereo, while video signals can be composite quality. SCART does not support high-definition video and is analogue. One SCART connector is provided on the TV, EXT 1(RGB CVBS).   
  • Composite - Basic quality
    Composite video provides basic analogue connectivity, usually combining a (yellow) video cinch cable with (red and white) Audio L/R cinch cable. Match the cable colours when connecting to the composite Video and Audio L/R input connectors at AV out of the TV.

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