I would like to know more about the " easy link HDMI ", what is it?


It's kind of functions which enables one-touch play and one-touch standby between Philips EasyLink-compliant devices.
Please follow the procedure below to enable this function first and make sure all compliant devices must be connected to your TV via HDMI.

Enable EasyLink HDMI function

  • Press "MENU" button.
  • Select [Installation] > [Preferences] > [EasyLink] .
  • Select [On]

Use one-touch play

  • After enabling EasyLink, press play on your device, The TV automatically switches to the correct source.

Use one-touch standby

  • Press and hold Standby on the TV’s or device’s remote control for at least three seconds. The TV and all connected HDMI devices switch to standby.

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