What is EPG? How to use it?


The EPG stands for Electronic Programme Guide. This is an on-screen guide available for digital channels. EPG allows you to:

  • View a list of digital programmes being broadcast
  • View upcoming programmes
  • Group programmes by genre
  • Set reminders when programmes start
  • Set up preferred EPG channels

Before you use EPG function, you have to switch on

  • The first time you use EPG, you may be prompted to perform an update. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the update.
  • When watching TV, press  then the EPG planner screen appears displaying information about the scheduled programmes.

Use the EPG options menuUse the EPG options menu to set or clear reminders, change day and access other useful EPG options.

  • Press 
  • Press then the EPG menu appears.
  • Press to up and down key to select one of the following options.
    - [Set remind]/ [Clear remind] 
    - [Change day] 
    - [Show info] 
    - [Search by genre] 
    - [Schedule reminders] 
    - [Pref. EPG channel]
  • Press OK to enter or activate the option.
  • Press to exit the EPG menu.

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