When should I run the auto program feature on my TV.


The auto program feature on your TV scans your antenna or cable connection for available channels and stores them to your TVs memory. For this feature to work, your TV must be connected directly to the cable (not the cable box) or to an antenna to the ANTENNA IN connection on your TV.

Run the auto program feature if:

  1. Your TV is connected directly to an antenna.
  2. You are connected directly to the cable (Coax).
  3. Your cable or antenna goes though a VCR from an antenna or cable to your TV. In this case make
    sure the VCR is turned off.

Do not run the auto program feature:

  1. If your TV is NOT connected to an antenna or cable.
  2. If your TV is connected to the RF out from your cable or satillite box. In this case select channel 3 or 4. 
  3. If your only connection to your TV is an AV or HDMI input.

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