How do I maximize the battery life?


• Charge all handsets for 24 hours before you start using them.

• Use the phone without recharging it until the batteries are completely empty (the handset switches off)

• Repeat the steps above twice.

You can now use the handset as you like. You will not damage the handset if you leave it on the charger permanently.

Repeat the procedure above from time to time (once every 3 months for instance). This is not essential but it will help you maximize your batteries´ lifespan.

Note: The average lifespan of rechargeable batteries in DECT-phones is between 1 and 3 years. The actual lifespan depends on how you use the batteries.


Never interrupt the first installation, because doing so will seriously decrease the standby time and the lifespan of the batteries.

In order to make sure that the first installation is not interrupted, disconnect the phone from the network.

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