At around 6 a.m in the morning, the TV’s front indicator turns off for a few seconds. Is this normal?


The led on the front switches off for a few seconds when the TV is automatically searching for new channels and updates the stored channels.

Your TV will only update the channels automatically if it is switched to standby and not while it is switched off.

The timing of the update will always occur around 6 a.m daily.

If you do not wish to update your TV channels automatically, you may set the CHANNEL UPDATE IN STANDBY feature in the SETUP menu>INSTALLATION>CHANNEL INSTALLATION>CHANNEL UPDATE IN STANDBY> to OFF mode.


  • If your TV does not have the CHANNEL UPDATE IN STANDBY feature in the TV menu, update the TV software to the software version 26.33.9 (or higher).
  • You can find the latest Firmware Upgrade Software and Readme File documents on the Philips support website. Refer to the SOFTWARE & DRIVERS section.


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