I do not see any picture on the TV screen when I connect my DVD/Blu-ray player to my receiver.


  1. Check that all video cable connections are connected securely in place. Unplug and plug back in the video connections to see if there is any video output from the receiver.
  1. Check that you have selected the correct SOURCE via the remote control. Enter the SOURCE setup menu to check if that particular source is configured properly. Use the correct video connections to output the video according to the source setup. If you go to radio SOURCE and you are able to see the frequency display on your TV, this means that the video connection is working well, but the source setup is not configured properly.
  1. If you still see a blank screen on the TV, please press INFO button to bring up the information page. Check if the INPUT RESOLUTION field has video input information. If it is not present, this means that your player did not output any video information to the receiver.
  1. Turn off all devices connected to the receiver, and the receiver itself. Next, turn on the TV first, followed by the player and lastly the receiver. Check if there is video on the TV screen.
  1. Check with the service center to see if there is an update to the receiver that will solve the issue if all the above steps fail.

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