What is S-Video and how do I activate it?


What is S-Video?

S-Video means Separate Video. It is an analog video signal that carries the video data as two separate signals, lumen (luminance) and chroma (color). This differs from composite video which carries picture information as a single lower-quality signal, and component video which carries picture information as three separate higher-quality signals. S-Video carries standard definition video (typically at 480i or 576i resolution), but does not carry audio on the same cable.

The 4-pin mini-DIN connector (See the attached picture) is the most common of several S-Video connector types. Other S-Video connector variants include 7-pin locking "dub" connectors used on many professional S-VHS machines, and dual "Y" and "C" BNC connectors, often used for S-Video patch bays. Early Y/C video monitors often used RCA connectors that were switchable between Y/C and composite video input. Though the connectors are different, the Y/C signals for all types are compatible.

How do I activate it?

  1. Connect your player to your TV via the supplied S-video cable.
  2. Change the TV source to S-video.  Details please refer to your TV user manual.
    The Video output from the player to your TV should be S-Video.

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