How do I perform software upgrading via Network?


Note: If there is no software upgrade available for your SoundBar at the current moment, the software upgrade process will not proceed.

Step 1: Setup Network

  1. Connect this SoundBar to the broadband modem or router. Ensure that the network cable is properly connected and the router is switched on.
  2. In the Home menu, select [Settings] and press OK.
  3. Select [Advanced Setup], then press .
  4. Select [Network], then press OK.
  5. Select [Next] in the menu, then press OK.
    • The SoundBar starts to detect if there is a connection to the network.
    • If the connection test fails, select [Retry] and press OK to re-connect again to the network.
  6. Once connected, an IP address is obtained automatically.
    • If no IP address is obtained, select [Retry] and press OK to try to obtain the IP address again.
  7. Select [Finish] in the menu, then press OK to exit.

STEP 2: Upgrading the firmware

  1. At Home menu, select [Settings] > [Advanced Setup] > [Software Download] > [Network].
  2. Follow the instruction on the TV to confirm update operation.
  3. Once software update is complete, this SoundBar turns off to standby automatically.
  4. Disconnect the power cord for a few seconds and connect again to reboot the SoundBar.

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