Why is there no sound when the power toggle is slid to right and hold on my Player?


  • Your battery may have gone flat. Charge the battery via your computer’s USB port.
  • Check if your headphone plug has been inserted into the headphone jack of the unit completely.
  • Check if the volume is at an audible level. Increase the volume using the VOLUME + button.
  • If your Player is in pause mode, touch the "play or pause" icon on display to resume playback.
  • Do a soft reset inserting a sharp object into the “reset” pinhole of your Player until it powers off.
    If nothing works:
    1. Start Device Manager
    2. Press and hold the Vol+ button
    3. Connect the Player to your PC with the supplied USB cable while still holding the Vol+ button
    4. Device Manager should acknowledge your Player and automatically goes into recovery mode, and then release the Vol+ button
    5. Click the Repair button and follow the instructions given by the Device Manager
    6. After the Player has been repaired, remove it from your PC and re-start

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