Is the light from LEDs of an inferior quality?


  • LED technology has undergone significant developments and is now comparable with incandescent lighting in terms of functionality. LEDs are now longer-lasting, smaller, more efficient, safer and cheaper than they were several years ago. 
  • The light modules used in Philips Ledino light fittings provide a quality of light that comes very close to that of incandescent light. The CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce colour faithfully in comparison with a natural light source (i.e. sunlight). A light bulb has a CRI of 100, as do energy-saving halogen lamps. The LED modules used by Ledino have a CRI value of 85-90. 
  • The colour temperature, expressed in Kelvin, is 2700 K and the light emitted is similar in colour to the sparkling light emitted by low-voltage halogen light sources.

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