Notes when using 8 cm discs


This Home Theater System supports playback of 8 cm diameter discs. 8 cm discs are commonly used in DVD or AVCHD-based camcorders and can be single or dual sided.

Please take note of the following when using such types of discs:

  • When using dual sided discs, please take note of the side which you would like to playback from. The data side should face inward (toward the main unit).
  • When inserting 8 cm discs, place the disc in the middle of the slot opening; the drive will automatically take in the disc and start playback.
  • In very rare cases, if the disc is inserted from the bottom part of the slot, the drive will not automatically take the disc in. DO NOT try to push the disc further into the drive with another disc or a sharp/flat tool. To resolve this situation, please perform the following:
    1. Put the Home Theater into standby mode by pressing the standby/power button on the front panel or the remote control.
    2. Wait for the standby indicator to turn red to confirm that the set is in standby mode.
    3. Turn the set on by pressing the standby/power button on the front panel or remote control.
    4. The Home Theater will recover the disc by itself and eject it out of the slot opening.
    5. Try loading the disc again by inserting it into the middle of the slot opening.

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