How do I upload videos to Video web sharing web sites?


  1. Connect your player to your computer. It will load automatically and a new window will appear.
  2. Select the "Open folder to view files".
    • If the window does not appear, double click My Computer at the desktop and you will find an icon for your player. Double click that icon.
  3. Find to open the Video folder and then select the CAPTURES folder.
  4. Right click a video recording file you want to upload and then select Copy.
    • If you want to upload more than one file, press and hold the Ctrl key on your computer keyboard to select the files, and then right click to select Copy.
  5. Open a suitable folder on your computer and then right click to select Paste.
  6. Start the GoGear CAMshare program.
  7. Go to the File Manager, select the video files that you like to upload.
  8. Click on one of the Video share services on the left side (Say, Tudou and Yukou for China).
  9. Enter the required metadata for the upload service and click on START to start the uploading.

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