How can I cycle through teletext subpages automatically?


Follow these procedures to turn on:

  1. Press the button on the remote control to display the browse TV menu.
  2. Select TEXT and press the ‘OK’ button to enter teletext mode.
  3. In teletext mode, press the  options button to display the options menu.
  4. Press the cursor down  to select CYCLE SUBPAGES and press the cursor right .
    NOTE: CYCLE SUBPAGES option can only be selected if the teletext page contains subpages.
  5. Select ON and press the 'OK' button to confirm.
  6. The TV exits the options menu automatically and display the teletext page.  
  7. The subpages will cycle through automatically at a short interval.
  8. Press the to exit teletext.


  • The TV´s menu does not include an option to set this feature permanently.
  • In teletext mode, you can cycle through the subpages automatically with the CYCLE SUBPAGES feature in the options menu.
  • When you leave teletext mode or change teletext page, this feature will be reset to OFF mode.

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