How can I access teletext mode?


Follow these procedures to access teletext mode:

  1. Press the button on the remote control to display the browse TV menu.
  2. Select TEXT and press the ‘OK’ button to enter teletext mode.
  3. Your TV will display a message “No Text availableā€ when the teletext is not broadcasted.

In teletext mode, you are able to access the advanced teletext features via the teletext options menu.

  1. Press the options button on the remote control to display the options menu.
  2. Use the cursor buttons to select an option of your choice and press the ‘OK’ button to confirm.
    • [Freeze page]Freezes the current page.
    • [Dual screen]/[Full screen]Enables and disables dual screen teletext, which splits the current channel or source to the left of the screen, with teletext on the right.
    • [T.O.P overview] Table Of Pages (T.O.P.) teletext broadcasts allow you to jump from one subject to another without using page numbers. T.O.P. teletext is not broadcast on all TV channels.
    • [Enlarge]/[Normal view] Enlarge the current page.
    • [Reveal]Hides or reveals hidden information on a page, such as solutions to riddles or puzzles.
    • [Cycle subpages]Cycles through subpages automatically if subpages are available.
    • [Language]Switches to a different language group to display a language correctly when that language uses a different character set.
  3. To exit teletext mode, press the button on the remote control.

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