What issues are solved by a software upgrade?


Every software update solves different issues. A software update ensures that your TV is performing optimally in accordance with the latest technological developments.

To check if there is new software available for your TV, you have to check if the software version on the Philips support website is higher than the software version in your TV and update it if necessary.

Follow these procedures to check the current software version on your TV.

  1. Press the button on the remote control to access the home menu.
  2. Use the cursor buttons to select SETUP and press the 'OK' button to confirm. 
  3. Select SOFTWARE SETTINGS and press the ‘OK’ button.

  4. Select CURRENT SOFTWARE INFO and press the 'OK' button to display the current software version on your TV set.

Check the software version against the latest TV software on the Philips support website. Refer to the SOFTWARE & DRIVERS section.

  1. If the TV software version is lower than the version posted on the website, this means the software of your TV set needs to be upgraded.
  2. Follow the instruction in the user manual or readme file of the firmware upgrade on how to upgrade your software.
  3. Do not install a lower version of software than the current version installed on your product. Philips cannot be held liable or be made responsible for problems caused by a software downgrade.

The latest software solves the issues below:

NOTE: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.

Q5521_0.140.46.0 (Date published: 2011-12-23)

  • Metallic sound can be heard via HDMI connection.
  • No HD+ services present anymore after provider driven software upgrade is done.
  • The movie stops by itself when you play a rented movie from an online video store.
  • TV has clicking sound while watching a connected device via HDMI connection.

Q5521_0.140.44.0 (Date published: 2011-12-12)

  • Intermittent sound lost and picture lost while watching analogue channels.
  • Intermittent sound lost or sudden volume change on the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (S/PDIF) connection.
  • Intermittent sound lost through certain set-up box connected via HDMI.
  • Unable to play video files via DLNA connection.
  • Picture freezes while watching HD channels.

Q5521_0.140.39.0 (Date published: 2011-07-27)

  • Russian OSD translation error is corrected.
  • TV has no picture after start-up.
  • TV does not react to remote control after wake-up from standby.
  • Video delay (lipsync) observed through SCART and Component (Y Pb Pr) connection.
  • Picture interference observed on digital cable (DVB-C) channels. (Only applicable to country, Germany)
  • TV goes to standby by itself after 2 hours. (Only applicable to country, Norway)

Q5521_0.140.37.0 (Date published: 2011-06-06)

  • "Video format not supported" message appears onscreen with HDMI video format 1080i from a certain set-up box.
  • Split screen with green horizontal lines appears onscreen with HDMI video format 720p from a certain set-up box.
  • No picture or black screen seen on certain digital cable (DVB-C) channels. (Only applicable to country, Finland)
  • TV automatically switches back to the primary audio language while watching digital channels. (Only applicable to country, Spain)

Q5521_0.140.36.0 (Date published: 2011-05-18)

  • Macro-blocks appear on digital (DVB-T) channels with HD contents. (Only applicable to country, Spain)
  • Unable to rename device icon due to missing characters when Portuguese is selected as the menu language.
  • Teletext is not working on SCART connection.
  • When you access the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), it is always default to the first channel listed in the EPG instead of the current viewed channel.

Q5521_0.140.34.0 (Date published: 2011-04-12)

  • Intermittent sound lost while watching TV or a connected device via HDMI.

Q5521_0.140.32.0 (Date published: 2011-03-04)

  • Slow in switching between digital cable (DVB-C) channels.
  • Macro-blocks appear on digital (DVB-T) channels.

Q5521_0.140.29.0 (Date published: 2011-02-17)

  • To enable the TV to accept Com Hem CAM software upgrade via OAD. (Only applicable to country, Sweden)

Q5521_0.140.27.0 (Date published: 2011-01-11)

  • The TV is intermittently loosing sound on the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (S/PDIF) connection.
  • Not all channels/services can be found during channel installation. (Only applicable to country, Switzerland)
  • The TV is intermittently loosing sound when you connect an external device via HDMI.
  • Picture is distorted with vertical lines and micro-blocks while watching digital cable (DVB-C) channels. (Only applicable to country, Finland)

Q5521_0.140.25.0 (Date published: 2010-11-18)

  • TV will not display the subtitles when Danish menu language is selected.
  • TV has no picture after it wake-up from standby if the TV was in HDMI source before the TV is switched to standby.
  • TV turns on by itself from standby.
  • TV has no picture after switching between channels from ZIGGO network.

Q5521_0.140.23.0 (Date published: 2010-10-28)

  • Unable to view Teletext and/or subtitles are missing on certain channels. (Only applicable to country, Finland)
  • TV goes into standby by itself after 2 to 3 hours of operation.
  • TV does not display the video in its native format through USB.
  • Picture judders while watching digital channels.
  • Picture judders during playback via USB.

Q5521_0.140.11.0 (Date published: 2010-10-08)

  • Blur picture with vertical lines observed.
  • Improve picture performance on analog channels.
  • The channel display sequence in the EPG does not match with the preset list in the channel grid. (Only applicable to country, Germany)
  • Picture flickers after TV starts up.
  • TV has no sound while watching digital (DVB-T) channels. (Only applicable to country, Spain)

Q5521_0.75.60.1 (Date published: 2010-09-16)

  • With this software your TV is ZIGGO certified.

Q5521_0.75.59.0 (Date published: 2010-08-31)

  • Teletext clock on digital cable (DVB-C) channels is not updated; and an error message "No Text available" appears on screen even with the Teletext page displayed. (Only applicable to country, Netherlands)
  • Unable to display the Common Interface menu after TV receives a CAM upgrade.
  • No Teletext available on digital (DVB-T) channels after TV starts up from standby mode.
  • The first digital cable (DVB-C) channel is stored at preset 2 instead of preset 1 after channel search. (Only applicable to country, Germany)
  • Video stuttering and video delay (lipsync issue) observed when you perform fast forward, fast rewind, pause, previous/next functions, etc. during MPEG4 and MKV video file payback from the USB memory device.

Q5521_0. 75.13.54 (Date published: 2010-06-25)

  • TV operation becomes extremely slow after you change the audio language in the Option menu during DVB-C reception.
  • When you change between channels with different audio formats on a certain Set-Top-Boxes connected via HDMI, you will experience intermittent audio loss.
  • The ‘Unhide All’ option in the Option menu does not unhide channels in the channel grid. (Only applicable to Country, Germany.)

Q5521_0. 75.13.43 (Date published: 2010-06-09)

  • The ‘Teletext’ option in the English language menu is changed to "Text".
  • Random audio & video lost can be observed when you switch between pay channels/services.
  • The picture files cannot be open anymore after you have open several picture files in different folders on an external hard drive.
  • When you perform fast forward, fast rewind, pause, previous/next functions etc, during MPEG4 video file playback from the USB memory device, the video/audio will stop working.
  • The red button on the remote control does not work on MHEG channel. (Only applicable to Country, UK.)
  • When you perform a fast forward on the video file stored on the USB memory device then press the OK button to resume the normal playback, the video will restart from the beginning.
  • The subtitle is not displayed after you have switched channels or services even when you have initially set the subtitle to ON mode.

Q5521_0. 72.24.0 (Date published: 2010-05-05)

  • There is slight jerking/juddering of the OSD when you switch between TV or AV channel and VGA input.
  • Subtitle is not displayed when you view pay channels/services. (Only applicable to Country, Sweden.)

Q5521_0. 72.20.0 (Date published: 2010-04-19)

  • Subtitle language selection is not working correctly for certain channels with teletext subtitle.
  • The Electronic program guide (EPG) does not display all the scheduling programs.

Q5521_0. 72.16.0 (Date published: 2010-04-08)

  • No picture or randomly picture lost when you playback the video content from a VHS-VCR through Scart connection.
  • The analogue channels are losing sound when you switch the TV off and on rapidly with the power switch.
  • HDMI audio lost after you change the video format on the source device.
  • Software upgrade via USB does not start automatically.

Q5521_0. 72.6.0 (Date published: 2010-03-29)

  • No channels found after channel installation.
  • Video & audio lost when you switch between scrambled channels.
  • TV hang-up during first time/virgin mode installation.
  • Garbage characters seen on the E-sticker (logo banner), a feature uses by the dealer on the shop floor.
  • Duplicate channels after channel installation, which results in wrong preset/position in the channel list. (Applicable for Germany KBW network.)
  • The analogue channels display a noisy picture when you switch the TV off and on rapidly with the power switch.

Q5521_0. 58.8.0 (Date published: 2010-03-03)

  • Initial production software


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