Which TVs work with Wi-Fi MediaConnect?


Only TV produced in Year 2010 and 2011 work with WiFi-MediaConnect.

The Wi-Fi MediaConnect compatible TVs are:

  • TV produced in the Year 2010 or later that required a Wireless USB Adaptor (PTA01) in order to use WiFi MediaConnect.

32PFL5806, 32PFL6606, 32PFL6626, 32PFL6636, 32PFL7605, 32PFL7655, 32PFL7665, 32PFL7675, 32PFL7685, 32PFL7695, 32PFL7406, 32PFL7476, 32PFL7486, 32PFL7496, 32PFL7606, 32PFL8605, 37PFL6606, 37PFL7515, 37PFL7605, 37PFL7675, 37PFL7606, 37PFL7676, 37PFL8605, 40PFL5806, 40PFL6606, 40PFL6626, 40PFL6636, 40PFL7605, 40PFL7606, 40PFL8505, 40PFL8605, 42PFL7655, 42PFL7665, 42PFL7675, 42PFL7685, 42PFL7695, 42PFL7406, 42PFL7456, 42PFL7486, 42PFL7606, 42PFL7656, 42PFL7676, 42PFL7696, 42PFL8605*, 42PFL8606D, 46PFL5806, 46PFL6606, 46PFL6626, 46PFL6806, 46PFL7605, 46PFL7655, 46PFL7665, 46PFL7695, 46PFL8505, 46PFL8605*, 46PFL8685, 46PFL9605, 47PFL7456, 47PFL7606, 47PFL7656, 50PFL7956, 50PFL8956D, 52PFL8605*, 55PFL6606, 55PFL7606

  • TVs produced in the Year 2010 or later has a built in Wi-Fi and you do not need additional wireless USB adaptor (PTA01) to use WiFi MediaConnect.

32PDL7906, 32PFL9606, 32PFL9705, 37PFL7666, 37PFL9606, 40PFL8606, 40PFL9606, 40PFL9705, 40PFL9715, 42PFL7666, 42PDL7906, 46PFL8606, 46PFL8686, 46PFL9705, 46PFL9706, 47PFL7666, 52PFL9606, 58PFL9955, 58PFL9956

*Only available for European and China models.

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