How do I use the TV's remote control?


Below is an overview of the functions of the remote control keys. The functions of the keys are also listed in your TV´s user manual. If you wish to print a copy of the instructions, you may download the attached 'Remote control_QSG.pdf' file from the FAQ page.

NOTE: You will need your remote control to navigate or browse through the TV menu. The TV side controls only allow limited access to the TV menu.

  • Home button
    Select the video source, access the on-screen user manual, access the Setup menu, browse the files on a USB device, etc


  •  Browse button
    Access the browse menu to select the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), TV channel list and teletext.


  •  Previous and Next button
    Change channel/page or to jump to the previous or next file in the browse menu of the USB device.


  •  Navigate button
    Use to navigate menus and select items.


  •  Options button
    Access the option menus that offer convenient settings related to what is on-screen such as Mark as favourite, Reorder, etc
    The exact function of the Options button depends on the screen that you are navigating.


  •  Back button
    Return to the previously-viewed channel/page or exit the menu.


  •  Experience button
    Access a range of frequently used settings such as Smart picture, Smart sound, etc


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