Why and how should I upgrade the Firmware of my player?


If you are experiencing technical issues with your recorder on a regular basis, the first step that we advise you to take is to upgrade its Firmware.

Click on the Software & drivers link on the left of this page to find a .zip file of the latest Firmware and the installation instructions. Even though the instructions are in the English language, the upgrade will not affect the language settings of your recorder.

Pay special attention to the following:

  • At the end of the procedure your player will restart itself and eject the upgrade disk. Wait until the entire procedure has been completed, because otherwise your recorder may not function properly.
  • Always use and empty CD-R or CD-RW disk (so no DVD-R or DVD-RW) and do not forget to finalize the disk. The presence of other files on the upgrade disk will result in a failure of the software upgrade, which may cause your recorder to stop functioning properly.

If a software upgrade and a reset did not solve the issue that you are experiencing, we advise you to take the recorder to your dealer for an inspection.



The whole procedure is as follows:
Step 1: Check which software version is currently installed on your recorder.

  • Make sure that the disk tray is empty.
  • Press <0>, <0>, <0>, <9>, on the remote control.
    If the firmware version does not appear on the screen, eject and close the disk tray to reset and repeat the same steps.
  • The number of the currently installed software version will be displayed on the TV screen.
  • Compare the number of the current software version with the number of the upgrade file.
  • If the number of the current software version is lower than the version on website, please proceed to Step 2. If the number is identical, you do not need to upgrade.

Step 2: Download the software.

Click the link to download the new Firmware package on your computer. The package is compressed into a single .zip archive.

Step 3: Burn the Firmware on an empty CD-R or CD-RW 
Tip: For more information on burning CDs we refer to two popular software utilities / 

  • Extract the Firmware upgrade files from the ZIP archive but do not change the filenames!
  • Burn all the extracted files: “.BIN” files (not the ZIP file) onto a blank CD-R or CD-RW disk, using the following settings:
    - File System: ISO 9660 + Joliet
    - File name length : max11 chars = 8+3 (Level 1)
    - Mode : 2/XA
    - Character set : ISO 9660 (ISO normal CD-ROM)
    - No multi session
    - Write Speed: Low
  •  Finalize the disk. (The burning software may do this automatically.)

Step 4: Upgrade the Firmware of your recorder
Note: Do not press any buttons or interrupt the mains supply during the upgrade process, because otherwise the recorder may become defective!

  • Switch on the recorder and eject the disk tray.
  • Place the upgrade disk on the disk tray and close the tray.
  • If the disk is recognized as an upgrade disk, the display of the recorder will show "SW DL". The TV screen will show a dialog box titled “Upgrade
    Note: The recorder will display the message “Unknown Disk” in the following two situations:
    - the upgrade is not meant for your recorder (Check the models that are mentioned on the download page)
    - the upgrade has not been written to the CD-ROM correctly.

    To proceed with the upgrade, press <OK> on the remote control. You can cancel the upgrade at this point by selecting the button on screen and pressing on the remote control.
  • If you proceed with the upgrade, the TV screen will display a status bar that indicates the progress.
  • When the upgrade is completed, the display of the recorder will show “DONE”, and the recorder will eject the tray. The TV screen will show the message “Please take out the disk. Press OK to end upgrading.”
  • Remove the upgrade disk and press on the remote control. The recorder should close the tray and restart automatically after about 10 seconds.
  • Note: After the recorder restarts itself, the disk tray may open automatically. Do not be alarmed and press on the remote control to close the disk tray.

Step 5: Confirm whether the upgrade has been completed succesfully

  • After upgrading, the recorder will auto restart. Close the empty disk tray.
  • Press <0>, <0>, <0>, <9>, on the remote control.
  • You should now see the number of the downloaded software appear on your TV screen.


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