Does the Wireless USB Adapter (PTA01) work on older Philips TVs?


The Wireless USB Adapter (PTA01) works on compliant TVs introduced after 2009.

The following are compatible TVs produced in 2010 or later:

19PFL3507(EU), 22PFL3507(EU), 22PFL3517(EU), 22PFL3557(EU), 24PFL3507(EU), 32PFL3507(EU), 32PFL3517(EU), 32PFL3807(EU), 32PFL4007(EU), 32PFL4027(EU), 32PFL4037(EU), 32PFL4047(EU), 32PFL5806, 32PFL6606, 32PFL6626, 32PFL6636, 32PFL7605, 32PFL7655, 32PFL7665, 32PFL7675, 32PFL7685, 32PFL7695, 32PFL7406, 32PFL7476, 32PFL7486, 32PFL7496, 32PFL7606, 32PFL8605, 37PFL3507(EU), 37PFL4007(EU), 37PFL6606, 37PFL7515, 37PFL7605, 37PFL7675, 37PFL7606, 37PFL7676, 37PFL8605, 39PFL3807(EU), 40PFL5806, 40PFL6606, 40PFL6626, 40PFL6636, 40PFL7605, 40PFL7606, 40PFL8505, 40PFL8605, 42PFL3507(EU), 42PFL3527(EU), 42PFL4007(EU), 42PFL4047(EU), 42PFL4307(EU), 42PFL4317(EU), 42PFL7655, 42PFL7665, 42PFL7675, 42PFL7685, 42PFL7695, 42PFL7406, 42PFL7456, 42PFL7486, 42PFL7606, 42PFL7656, 42PFL7676, 42PFL7696, 42PFL8605*, 42PFL8606D, 46PFL3807(EU), 46PFL5806, 46PFL6606, 46PFL6626, 46PFL6806, 46PFL7605, 46PFL7655, 46PFL7665, 46PFL7695, 46PFL8505, 46PFL8605*, 46PFL8685, 46PFL9605, 47PFL4007(EU), 47PFL4047(EU), 47PFL4307(EU), 47PFL7456, 47PFL7606, 47PFL7656, 50PFL7956, 50PFL8956D, 52PFL8605*, 55PFL6606, 55PFL7606

 *Only available for European and Chinese models.

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