Why don't I get sound from all the speakers of my Home Theater System?


Please remember that even though you have a 5.1 channel (six speakers) home theater system, depending on the number of audio channels encoded in the source audio you will not get sound output from all your speakers in many instances.

However, you can enable virtual surround sound upmixing decoders within your home theater system based on what your HTS supports to get sound from all speakers.

During playback, press [SURROUND] repeatedly to select the desired surround mode. Please follow the guide below as a reference to choose which “SURROUND” decoder to use based on input audio:

Reference Surround Sound Settings
Number of Channels in Input Audio Examples of Media Preferable SURROUND Setting in HTS
2.0 (Stereo) TV Programs, Internet Streaming Video (NETFLIX, BLOCKBUSTER, etc.) Multi ch Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, dts NEO:6 Cinema
This upmixes 2.0 (Left + Right) channels to 5.1 channel virtual surround optimized for cinema / speech / sports sources.
2.0 (Stereo) Music CDs, MP3s, Internet Radio (vTuner, etc.) Multi ch Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic II Music, dts NEO:6 Music
This upmixes 2.0 (Left + Right) channels to 5.1 channel virtual surround optimized for music sources.
5.1 (dts or Dolby) DVD & Blu-ray Movies, Certain shows on HD channels which are encoded in 5.1 None or Off
This enables the default Dolby Digital, dts Digital Surround, Dolby TrueHD or dts-HD Master Audio 5.1 channel decoder for real surround sound.



  • Please refer to your HTS User Manual to determine which SURROUND settings are supported by your HTS. In general use Dolby ProLogic or dts NEO:6 to upmix stereo sources and "None" or "Off" for real 5.1 channel sources.
  • Availibility of surround modes depends on the format of the input audio source. For e.g., you will only have the option of "2.1 ch Stereo" and "Off " when the source audio is 5.1 Dolby Digital, in which case you would select "Off" to enable the appropriate multi-channel audio decoder.
  • In many instances even though a program or movie is encoded in 5.1 channels the rear speakers have no audio present for long periods of time.
  • Also, in many instances an entire TV channel is broadcast in 5.1 channels 24 hours a day but only certain programs have real 5.1 channels audio, most of the other times broadcasters send 2.0 channel (stereo) sound on the 5.1 channel stream.

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