Why do I see an "ANGLE" icon during playback of some DVD and Blu-Ray movies? How do I prevent it from showing up automatically?


Some BD-video or DVD-video discs have scenes shot from 2 or more angles. Angle information should be on the disc case if the disc contains multi-angle scenes.

If you see an "ANGLE" icon during playback, you can perform the following to change the angle views:

  1. During playback press [ANGLE] to bring up the camera angle information bar.
  2. Use up/down buttons or [ANGLE] repeatedly to switch the angle.

If you do not want the Angle Icon to show up automatically while watching a movie, please upgrade your BDP or HTS-BDP to the latest firmware version and then navigate to:

Home -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Others -> Angle Icon = OFF

If your BDP or HTS-BDP has the new One-UX GUI, the setting is located at:

Home -> Setup -> Preference Setup -> Angle Icon = OFF

Note: The option to toggle the angle icon on/off is only present in the latest firmware version.

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