What do I need to do, to watch 3D content on my 3D Ready TV?


The 3D Ready specification means that your TV´s hardware is suitable for watching 3D content.

In order to watch 3D content on the 3D Ready TV´s (the 8000 LED and 9000 LED series), you need to purchase our upgrade kit. (PTA02/00)

The 3D upgrade kit contains the following:

  • two pairs of Active 3D Glasses
  • the 3D transmitter
  • a USB stick with the required Firmware upgrade

The Cinema 21:9 TV from the 2010 range is a 3D TV, which means that you will only need to purchase the Active 3D glasses.(PTA03/00)

Another important requirement is that the source signal needs to be provided by a 3D capable device, such as a 3D Blu-ray player or 3D Set-top box. The source needs to be connected to the ¨HDMI ARC¨ input on your TV by means of a high-speed HDMI cable.


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