How Do I delete my recorded video or photo from my camcorder?


There are 2 options for you to delete contents in your camcorder.

Option1: Delete contents directly on the camcorder.

  1. Turn the mode switch correctly.
    • Turn the switch to the Video position if you like to delete video file and the Photo to delete your photo file.
  2. Press the button twice to enter the content review mode.
  3. Press the or button to select the file you like to delete.
  4. Press the + button to delete it.
  5. Press the (Yes) button to confirm.
  6. Repeat the steps 3-5 if you like to delete more files.

Option2: Delete contents via a PC.

  1. Connect your camcorder to your PC.
  2. Double click My computer. Your camcorder will appear as 2 icons in the pop up window. Note: One stands for the internal memory and the other for SD card.
  3. Find contents you like to delete. Tips: If you like to delete more than 1 files, please hold the Ctrl button on your PC keyboard while selecting files.
  4. Right click to select Delete.

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