Can I use a VGA-HDMI cable to connect my PC (VGA OUT) to my TV (HDMI IN)? How do I connect my PC to my TV?



The VGA port on your computer is an ANALOG RGB output.

The HDMI IN port on your Philips TV is a DIGITAL input.

Simply connecting a cable from the VGA port of your PC to the HDMI port of the TV will result in NO PICTURE.

So how would you connect a computer (which only has a VGA OUT) to a Philips TV (which only has an HDMI IN)?

1. You could buy a VGA + Audio to HDMI converter like the one shown below to make this connection:


2. If you have a Tower/Desktop PC, you could buy and install a new graphics card in your PC with an HDMI OUT since it costs almost the same as the "VGA + Audio to HDMI converter"

Other Computer to TV connection methods:

If the PC has a DVI output (digital only): Use a DVI to HDMI cable (you will need to make a separate audio connection).

If the TV has a VGA input: You could use HDMI - > HDMI if the PC has HDMI out or VGA -> VGA with a separate audio connection.

If the PC has a DisplayPort or mini DisplayPort output: Use a DisplayPort -> HDMI cable. DisplayPort outputs video + audio.

HDMI / DisplayPort Audio Issues:

  • Make sure the default playback device is the HDMI Audio Device and not your computer speakers / soundcard.
  • The HDMI Audio device is a child device on your graphics card, which means your graphics card video & HDMI audio drivers need to be up to date and bug free (we have seen many cases where having a bad video driver resulted in no HDMI audio).
  • Make the TV the only output device. Sometimes if you extend your desktop to the TV or duplicate the desktop with another monitor or your laptop screen, Windows does not make the HDMI audio devices as the default audio playback device.


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