Why does my TV not work with 3D content from my Playstation 3?


To enjoy HD 3D content on this TV you will need the PTA02 3D Full HD accessory (sold seperately).

Please ensure that the 3D transmitter is connected to the 3D Out connection on the TV and faces directly where you wish to sit when viewing. Also ensure that the software supplied with the accessory is installed on the TV.

The software in the PS3 also needs to be updated for 3D functionality, once this has been done you will then need to manually select the 3D mode from within the TV menu

To select 3D mode simply press the Experience Menu button on your remote control and select 3D and then enable 3D mode

Please note: 

3D is only possible via HDMI, you must connect to your TV using an HDMI cable to use the 3D feature

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